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A Win!

25 Oct

Finding Me: Truth is a winner at the QBC Film Festival. The film walks away with the ‘CENTERPIECE AWARD.’


Boston Screening

25 Oct

This past weekend Finding Me: Truth made it’s debut on the big screen at the HBGC Screening in Boston.  The screening was followed by a great Q&A. Also after the event the cast and audience went to dinner together and the conversation continued. Producer Sontaia P. Briggs say ” As a lover and supporter of education, the Finding Me franchise has a special place in my heart. What many people don’t know is the ultimate vision of the films for me is creating a narrative that can serve as a bridge for communication, understanding and mutual respect between the LGBTQ and Straight communities. After speaking with an attendee in Boston, we learned that they are using the original film to create curriculum for discussions with their youth groups and gay/straight alliance members. This completely touched my heart and was the best news of that trip for me!” A special thank you goes out to Uriah Bell. He is one of the founders of HBGC and was key in bringing the film to Boston. He also facilitated the event.

Stay Tuned

18 Oct

First they brought you Finding Me, then they brought you Music Videos from Rapper Bry’Nt, and Artist K’Bana Blaq, and recently they released Finding Me: Truth. So what will they bring us next? Stay Tuned!

FMT in Boston

18 Oct

Friday Oct 21, 5:00 – 8:00PM Uriah Bell of HBGC Presents the Boston Screening of Finding Me: Truth. Meet Writer/Director Roger Omeus Jr, Co-Producer Sontaia P. Briggs and Actors RayMartell Moore, Derrick L.Briggs, Bry’Nt, and Eric Joppy. After the screening there will be an in-depth Q&A. Before the Friday screening Thursday night from 6:30pm-9pm HBGC is having a special screening of the original Finding Me for their ‘Coming Out Group.’ get ready for a great event!


A Word with Finding Me Creator

12 Oct

Sonic Eclectic catches up with writet/director Roger Omeus Jr at the NYC screening.


7 Oct

Get ready to be found. Finding Me: Truth will be in the city this weekend. Tonight Oct. 7th ‘The Fellas Present: Fall-Back to the Music’ (October First Fridays) in Houston TX. Meet and greet writer/director Roger Omeus Jr, and cast members Eugene E Turner, Miste Roule and RayMartell Moore of Finding Me: Truth. Then Saturday Oct 8th is the FREE SCREENING of Finding Me: Truth at Club 2020 located at 2020 Leeland, Houston TX 77002, from 2p-6p

Deleted Scene

4 Oct

This deleted scene stars Eugene E. Turner (Greg) and the late and forever loved Maurice Murrell (Jay). If you’ve seen FMT you’ll understand how this scene fits into the overall story. We caught up with writer/director Roger Omeus Jr and asked him what he remembers about this scene. “It was cut out due to timing constraints. If you remember in the first film Greg and Jay actually got along. Faybien was the only one who caught a whiff of Jay’s shady side (aka turning tricks in Greg’s apartment). Towards the end Faybien finally tells Greg and thats when he takes a dislike to Jay. The scene basically picks up where the first film left off with this roommate dynamic. Directing Maurice and Eugene was always fun because the two of them were best friends. So they would always rise to the occasion of going into verbal battles with comedic precession.”

Bry’Nt’s Birthday Suit

3 Oct

We promised you we would keep you up to date with the release of FMT’s Bry’Nt nude photo shoot, and we aim to please. CLICK HERE to see your favorite rapper/actor bare it all.



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