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FMT in Boston

18 Oct

Friday Oct 21, 5:00 – 8:00PM Uriah Bell of HBGC Presents the Boston Screening of Finding Me: Truth. Meet Writer/Director Roger Omeus Jr, Co-Producer Sontaia P. Briggs and Actors RayMartell Moore, Derrick L.Briggs, Bry’Nt, and Eric Joppy. After the screening there will be an in-depth Q&A. Before the Friday screening Thursday night from 6:30pm-9pm HBGC is having a special screening of the original Finding Me for their ‘Coming Out Group.’ get ready for a great event!


Houston Screening

10 Oct

Photos by: Paul Guillory

The people of Houston TX came out this weekend for the screening of Finding Me: Truth and what a wonderful event it was.

The first stop in Houston Friday night was to ‘The Fellas Present: Fall-Back to the Music Party’ at Club HEAT, hosted by Bernard and Lennard Sims. The club was packed with people and the FMT cast were brought up to the DJ booth and introduced to the crowd. A large number of the party goers responded and purchased DVD’s of “Truth” on the spot.

Next stop was the screening of FMT on Saturday afternoon at Club 2020. Jeffrey Campbell (pictured above) with St. Hope Foundation, Inc was instrumental in bringing FMT to Houston. He hosted the event.

The picture above is of Eugene E. Turner (Greg), Miste Roule (Tammy), writer/director Roger Omeus Jr, RayMartell Moore (Faybien) and VP of Marketing for OmeProductions Glenn Maith during the Q&A. The FMT team was engaged in a great discussion with the audience about the film and Black LGBT Community. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see video footage of the Q&A

Afterward the actors signed DVD’s for the enthusiastic crowd. It was a wonderful moment for the audience to meet the stars of the film, and it was equally wonderful for the actors to meet them.

When we had a moment to catch up with RayMartell (Faybien) and ask him what the experience was like for him he said, “A blessing. Every time we get a chance to meet our audience is a true blessing.”


7 Oct

Get ready to be found. Finding Me: Truth will be in the city this weekend. Tonight Oct. 7th ‘The Fellas Present: Fall-Back to the Music’ (October First Fridays) in Houston TX. Meet and greet writer/director Roger Omeus Jr, and cast members Eugene E Turner, Miste Roule and RayMartell Moore of Finding Me: Truth. Then Saturday Oct 8th is the FREE SCREENING of Finding Me: Truth at Club 2020 located at 2020 Leeland, Houston TX 77002, from 2p-6p

Miste Roule: Tammy is more of a free spirit then I am

2 Sep

In an interview with the JUSTZO Show the FMT actress revealed that her character is more of a free spirit than she is.

“She let’s lose. She doesn’t really care what anyone really thinks about her or says about her.

I can be a little bit of that, but as a woman I’m a little more self conscious.”

For the full interview CLICK HERE and watch 3 other interviews with Miste and fellow cast members RayMartell Moore and Eugene E. Turner along with writer/director Roger Omeus Jr on the JustZO Show.

The Late Night Show

26 Aug

Writer/Director Roger Omeus Jr along with actors Eugene E.Turner and RayMartell Moore were interviewed on the Late Night Show with DJ Baker. The clip above is snippet of the interview. For the full interview CLICK HERE

Thoughtful Words

24 Aug

Actor RayMartell Moore  has stated in numerous occasions that playing the role that he originated in 2007 has effected him in a profound way. Ever since the original film was released in the film festival circuit back in 2008 he has received inspirational and testiomnal emails from fans. In this blog RayMartell wanted to share a few of the letters with you;

  • -”Hi , I just want to say thanks ……the story of finding me helped me when I saw it for the first time , I related and broke down because I connected to the movie . I got strength to move on with my life and be fearless with who I am ..thanks for portraying a character for me that I was able to stand up to my dad ,and let him know who i am ……I found me.”
    - “I just finished Finding Me and am sitting here in tears. It was like looking in a mirror. You are amazing in it and I can’t wait to see Finding Me 2. You did such a great job telling a story that so many live. You gave a voice to many that feel voiceless. Great Job!!!!!!!”

    - “Hey sir how are you doing? I am glad that you are on facebook. I am a fan of the movie Finding Me and the sequel. Personally I can relate to your character “Fabian”. Both of us have so much in common. Aside from the homophobic bitchy father…we both have fears about life and relationships. Sometimes I wish men like Lonnie and friends really did exist.”

    -”Oh my God I just wanted to say you’re an amazing actor and are an inspiration to LGBT african americans and LGBT youth just keep on doing what your doing brother because you’re  making a difference.”

    Catching up with Moore we asked him how the letters made him feel. He responded with, ” I feel at awe when I receive messages and posts on facebook/twitter from fans as they express their experiences after watching Finding Me & Finding Me: Truth. Finding Me gave me my vocation, which is to spread love through film and television. I found this vocation from not only the experiences of acting in a feature film but most of all its letters like these that tells me that I’m reaching and touching lives all across the world! I thank everyone who has taken the time to reach out to me to tell me how my work has affected them. I’m honored to be influential to the people who have seen my work. To the fans, you give me inspiration when you tell me I’ve inspired you. You remind me of what all this hard work is for, consistently encouraging me to keep going and be that voice for our generation. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and may God bless you over and abundantly!”


FMT in Atlanta

23 Aug

All Photo’s Courtesy of I.M. Cinema

The Atlanta Premiere of Finding Me: Truth was another successful screening for the fast climbing popular sequel to Finding Me. “Truth” proves once again that the tales of Faybien, Amera, Greg and Jay was worth the wait. The screening was held at the Plaza Theater to a very enthusiastic crowd. Here are just some of the attendees;


These were just a few of the beautiful faces that came out to the premiere. One of the questions most asked after the screening was, ” Is there going to be another film?” How exciting is that. Can the story of finding oneself continue with these characters? The answer is yes. Writer/Director Roger Omeus Jr responded, ” The next step is a series There is certainly enough stories that can be told through these characters, and it will be exciting, fun and filled with drama.” We can’t wait for more Mr.Omeus!









Pictured together are FMT’s producer Sontaia P. Briggs, Urban Socialites Magazine’s James Davidson and Rameses Frederick, and FMT Roger Omeus Jr






















The entire family of FMT would like to thank everyone that came out for the Atlanta Premiere of Finding Me: Truth. They also want to extend a special thanks to Adah Pittman of I.M. Cinema for all of her hard work and making this event possible.

Count Down for Atlanta Premiere

10 Aug

I.M. Cinema presents the Atlanta Premiere of Finding Me: Truth for their 1 year Anniversary! Saturday, August 20, 2011
The Plaza Theater 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 873-1939
(Next door to Urban Outfitters)
Brief film discussion with Director Roger Omeus Jr & Cast members RayMartell Moore (Faybien) Eugene E. Turner (Greg) & Miste Roule (Tammy)

Join us for the Red Carpet Rooftop Reception at Primal Nightclub immediately following the film at 10pm. Limited $5 Anniversary Tickets thru August 7. 2011
$10 general admission online $12 day of show. BUY YOUR TICKET


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