Deleted Scene

4 Oct

This deleted scene stars Eugene E. Turner (Greg) and the late and forever loved Maurice Murrell (Jay). If you’ve seen FMT you’ll understand how this scene fits into the overall story. We caught up with writer/director Roger Omeus Jr and asked him what he remembers about this scene. “It was cut out due to timing constraints. If you remember in the first film Greg and Jay actually got along. Faybien was the only one who caught a whiff of Jay’s shady side (aka turning tricks in Greg’s apartment). Towards the end Faybien finally tells Greg and thats when he takes a dislike to Jay. The scene basically picks up where the first film left off with this roommate dynamic. Directing Maurice and Eugene was always fun because the two of them were best friends. So they would always rise to the occasion of going into verbal battles with comedic precession.”

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