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September 14, 2010 / omeprodirector

Finding Me Finds Truth in TLA Releasing Partnership!

New York City, NY-OmeProductions, LLC in conjunction with TLA Releasing, is officially announcing their second distribution partnership of the explosive sequel “Finding Me: Truth.” “I am very excited about this venture, TLA along with OmeProductions have forged a trail with my first film and I know the growth of “Truth” will enlarge partially due to us working with TLA!” states director Roger S.Omeus, Jr.   Within this new chapter of Finding Me, “Truth” picks up from the first film with Faybien Allen, the central character finding more lessons in love and life. This journey also focuses on his best friends Amera and Greg, who finds themselves engaging in more drama, love and self-discovery. Along for the ride is Jay. He will show Faybien which roads should be avoided.

For more info on purchasing the first film, “Finding Me: Identity”, please visit Please visit the family of Finding Me: Truth at our blog: . We are also on Facebook (Finding Me The Movie) and follow us on Twitter “Finding Me: Truth” will be released early winter 2011. Don’t forget to stay tuned for all screenings, interviews and much more about this cinematic journey.

For more info, please contact: Christopher D .Weaver, Publicist OmeProductions and Finding Me: Truth email: [email protected]

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